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Abbott’s Town Camp Alice Springs

In May 2016, the Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group (TWFSG) responded to a request from Abbotts Town Camp resident and TWFSG Core Governance member, Louise Abbott to provide Family Violence Prevention Training (FVPT) at her Town Camp, Abbott’s Camp. This was the first “on-camp” training to be delivered by the TWFSG and the reason that Abbott’s Camp was chosen first was because of 2 very serious crimes of Family Violence being committed by male resi-dents against female partners in early 2016.

Over 2 days, 21 Women residing or visiting Abbott’s Camp from Northern Territory remote communities attended FVPT. At the time of the training, Abbott’s Camp only had 5 habitable house out of 7, therefore 21 women was an impressive turnout. The training occurred in the middle of the Town Camp in view of all residents. The conversation about Family and Domestic Violence is one that the Abbotts’s Camp Community did not want to hide. The Alice Springs Police Engage-ment Team were also invited by the Abbott’s Camp Community to attend and participate in the training. 

The FVPT covered the following topics: Day 1: 

  • Group agreement (Confidentiality, support and safety). 
  • Definition of family violence 
  • Forms of violence 
  • Talking about power and control. 
  • Cycle of violence through the eyes of men, women and children. 
  • Rights of women and children. 
  • Safety of women and children. 

Day 2: 

  • Check-in on participant wellbeing 
  • Re-cap on forms of violence. 
  • Smokescreens. 
  • Warning signs of an abusive man. 
  • High risk indicators. 
  • Safety planning/ Referrals. 

On Monday the 4th July, the Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group held a graduation at Abbotts Camp for the 21 Women who attended Family Violence Prevention Training in Abbotts Camp in May 2016. There were over 60 people in attendance at the Graduation Ceremony held at Abbott’s Camp. 

Akeyulerre Healing Centre prepared a smoking ceremony at the commencement of the celebrations and Amelia Turner from the Akeyulerre Healing Centre praised the work of the Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Program saying that “Having this program is good for our generation so we can make sure there is no violence around the town camps”. 

The ladies who completed the Family Violence Prevention train-ing receive a certificate, a photograph of the artwork evaluation that was created as a group and a Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group t-shirt in brown, specifically for Abbotts Camp. 

The women from Abbott’s Camp developed their own Bill of Rights that were read aloud by Connie Shaw at the graduation ceremony. 

The Rights included their rights to keep their families safe and be strong and to say NO to family violence. 

Since Abbott’s Camp Training in May 2016, 81 Women from 12 out of the 16 Alice Springs Town Camp Com-munities have been trained in Family Violence Preven-tion Training. If funding continues next year, our aim is to cover all 16 Town Camps and as many women and men as possible. 

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