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It’s time for us to fix family law

Last year I asked the Never Alone community to share your stories with me about your experience with the family law system.

It was heart breaking to read the hundreds of stories that poured in, full of frustration, despair and fear. The stories painted a picture of a system that is too often failing to protect victims of violence and putting children in danger.


 The good news it that now we have a great opportunity for those stories to be heard by those who can make real change.

Last week, the government announced a federal inquiry examining how the family law system can better support people affected by family violence.  

The Luke Batty Foundation welcomes the announcement of this inquiry, which will ultimately call people to share their stories and experiences with the family law system.

It is of utmost importance that the people sitting on this inquiry hear from as many victims as possible who have been let down by the system that is supposed to protect them.

Without hearing these stories, they won’t understand the risks and they won’t make the changes that are so urgently needed.

There are a number of ways you can share your story with the committee.  

  1. Questionnaire  - an anonymous questionnaire is available online and will be open until Friday, 30 June 2017.  

  2.  Community statement – short statements can be made directly to the Committee via telephone. To express your interest in doing this, you can submit your details here.

  3. Written submission – a more detailed written submission can be lodged through the online portal or sent in hard copy by post. Written submissions must be received by Wednesday, 3 May 2017. 

All over the country, women and children are being caught in a legal limbo, navigating a complex, cold and underfunded system. The result is that too many children are forced into dangerous situations.

By sharing our stories and standing in solidarity, we can make a real difference. 

Join the campaign

Together we can make sure they are never alone.

Nothing ever changes until change cannot be stopped. Add your voice to the movement committed to standing beside those who experience family violence.

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