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Rosie visits Ramingining with No More

Perhaps the best thing about the journey we are taking together are the moments when we can celebrate progress.

I want to share one of these stories of hope with you today.

Last week I was privileged to travel to a remote community in the Northern Territory to learn about an inspiring program that has made a real difference.

This was a community that only a few short years ago was being torn apart by violence.

I imagine most of you will have never heard of it. But today, we will celebrate it.

A little but strong community of 800 people located on the edge of Arnhem Land—Ramingining.

My trip was so very special. 


I travelled to Ramingining with Charlie King (ABC sports commentator and founder of the successful NO MORE campaign to end family violence) and Reece Kershaw, Police Commissioner of the Northern Territory.

Just imagine it. This is a tiny community in one of the most remote places on earth. It has a small airstrip, general store, school, police station and a health clinic with a fly in doctor. That’s it.

The community's strength is its people.


I shared my story with women from the Ramingining community, talking about my own experience and how important it is to change community attitudes towards the problem.

The genuine passion shared by everyone and huge respect for this community was so evident. It was such an incredible experience and very emotional.

I want everyone to see how many people truly and genuinely care about our Aboriginal communities and help support them in many ways that we can't even begin to understand.

I met with local Elders, toured workshops and discussed the extremely successful NO MORE program that has reduced instances of family violence in Ramingining rapidly. It is thought that already the reduction could be as much as 70%.


The flight out to Ramingining—which is around 560km east of Darwin—took just over an hour, flying over Kakadu National Park.

Through education, employment workshops and extremely successful Aussie Rules football and basketball leagues for both men and women, NO MORE has brought together the community and made great progress in creating respect across the genders.


The Ramingining Hawks link arms before the Women's AFL Grand Final. Source: NOMORE.org.au 

It was truly inspiring to meet members of the Ramingining community and to congratulate them for their progress. 

There is so much to be done but for this community right now they have a right to feel empowered and proud of the good things that are happening. I was so touched and my story touched their hearts too. Violence is no more a part of their true culture than it is of ours.

Of course, there is so much still to do. Every single woman and child deserves to live free from the fear of violence and we won’t rest until we’re there.

But, it’s OK to celebrate achievements like these along the way.

Thanks for standing with me,

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